Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines +Vat

In many ways this day of the year disgusts me. Not for the concept of showing your feelings to you other half and remembering the reasons you are together. That part of the day I am fine with. What really annoys me is how commercialised Valentines day is. All over the place is advertisements stating that to show your feelings you should buy them a specified object for an extortionate price tag.

Even went to a gallery in Manchester that was supposedly a Valentine Theme, and half of it was selling flowers artistically arranged. Special made chocolates and over sickeningly lovey dovey things for prices I would never ever consider paying.

So to those couples who can spend Valentines together without spending insane amounts of money, to you I bow my head in respect. I have learnt a couple of things today. 1) If its a gallery with a Valentine Theme, then go to hell, I'm not going, and 2) Valentines day is a commercial holiday, and we should all do our part to stop it. Let people use this day for how it should be used, and not for making rich people richer.

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