Sunday, 5 February 2012

My name is Daniel Richardson. I'm a photographer that specialises in the area's of Persona's and Light Pollution. I am interested in recreating an individual to create the person they can see themselves becoming or potentially being already. I look into this through the use of light, makeup, locations and of course photography.

I use a Nikon and a Bronica camera in my work and use photoshop to prep my images to internet use. I travel and visit events that interest me. I am not interested in the reviews that try and use the more academically accepted words to make an event more prefessional or intellectual. I want information in simple, blunt and useful terms, and I want to give that as well.

Hopefully I can give many informative reviews on events at regular intervals that cover a wide area of the arts, but I'll probably be biased and go mostly to the events that interest me the most with places such as photography galleries and makeup conventions. Here's to the future.

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